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Fire door seal

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       Every year around the world, fires kill 4 people in every 1000 people. 70% of the loss of life is caused by the suffocation of gases and smoke produced in the fire. In the fire scene, the most effective way to prevent the generation of gas and smoke is to prevent the combustion of building materials and take effective measures to prevent the diffusion of heat and smoke.

       The fire seal is specially designed to prevent the diffusion of heat and smoke in the early stage of fire. In this series, the flame retardant and intumescent materials are added with the top or film for smoke suppression. In case of fire, wool top or film is used to block heat and smoke in the early stage. When the temperature rises to 200 ℃, the fireproof expansion sealing strip can expand rapidly to block the gap between the door frame and the door leaf, effectively prevent the spread of fire and smoke, and win valuable time for saving people's lives and property.

     Product advantages;

1,Obtained the 'certifier' fire protection certificate of Warrington and 3C certificate of the Ministry of public security;          passed the fire test of BS en1634-1 (steel door, wooden door for 1 hour and 2 hours) and GB 16807-2009.

2,There are many kinds and specifications of fire door sealing series: fireproof sealing strip, fireproof door bottom              strip, fireproof shutter, fireproof glass bead, fireproof glue,fireproof door mirror, fireproof lock / fireproof hinge /            fireproof door closer gasket.

3,Laser engraving trademark and batch number