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“GALLFORD” Drop down seal"s family has new members!

Release time:2020/8/15 14:35:00Popularity:12


           Drop down seal for glass door                            Drop down seal for slinding door

● Gallford has been a manufacturer for 20 years , we have our own technical department to          design product, develop tooling. And manufacture ourselves.

● Drop down seal has been patend and with testing report.

●  Except use for wooden hinge door, our drop down seal also designed for metal door, more      above for glass door and sliding door.

● Light duty shch as 20*8MMheavy duty as 46*44MMcan meet diferrent size of door also     different acoustic requirement.

● Installation both with consealed and surface mounted. Not only satisfy for industry                   requirement also for after fit docuration and DIY market.

● Customizing for length you need, for model you need.