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Interpretation of 2000 enterprise logo

 The rigorous modeling of red square strip is similar to the modeling of doors and windows, and also like the turning image of sealing strip, which integrates the modeling ideas of the two complementary, clearly conveys the industry attribute and brand style, and reflects the product characteristics.

And its modeling and 'Jiafu' in Chinese and English, highlighting the name of the enterprise. The overall shape is simple and clear, highlighting the brand value, implying that the enterprise, in the fierce market competition, is guided by the mainstream value of international outlook, constantly innovates and is the industry leader.

The color red is warm and energetic, interspersed with black and gray to form a powerful color combination, resulting in a strong visual effect, easy to remember, with a sense of the times.

The logo composition is simple and powerful, full of international sense. It means the connotation and taste of elegance.


Office image design

Office image design is a window for enterprises to show their good image to the outside world. In line with the principle of enterprise identification system and reflecting art and fashion, the company's logo with strong visual impact is used to leave an unforgettable image to customers.


Product packaging box (square)

Packaging box is the first advertising goods that directly contact with consumers. The logo on the package can play a strong visual effect, stimulate consumers' desire to buy, and leave a deep impression. It is an important content of the company's imagination to convey. The series unity of packaging makes consumers have a sense of trust in the company.


Packing box

Packaging box is an important carrier of enterprise's external publicity. Packaging not only has the function of physical protection for products, but also has the function of information dissemination and image recognition. It also has the function of promoting consumers to buy mobile machines.


Display cabinet design

The display cabinet is the general equipment of 'Jiafu' in the sales point and exhibition promotion occasions. The design is coordinated with the booth layout. The signs on both sides of the display cabinet are composed of doors. The door frame is installed in it, and Jiafu sealing strip is installed around the door frame. It can not only display the products better, but also let the outside world know more about the company, and reflect the company's unique cultural taste from the branch, so as to enhance the public's deep impression and affinity for the company, and promote the benign of the enterprise.


Booth design

The design of exhibition booth is an important project for enterprises to publicize to the outside world. It is the contact point between the public and enterprises. For people who buy products, the exhibition is the epitome and representative of the overall image of the enterprise. It is an important means for the company to convey information and establish a good corporate image. A 2.40 × 0.95 × 0.10 m large logo is placed at the gate of the booth. The logo with strong visual impact of the company is used to leave an unforgettable image to customers. And it is equivalent to a door, in which the door frame is installed, and the sealing strip is installed around the door frame to display the products; the surface paint of the sign and the matt paint of the standard color reflect the grade and grade. Because there are a variety of exhibitions, the size of the area is different, the unity of the overall design style must be maintained.


Enterprise internal signs

The internal sign is to create a cultural atmosphere within the company, which is convenient for people to contact work and negotiate business. So as to improve the work efficiency. Reflecting the rigorous and effective management order is a part of the enterprise landscape and an important way to beautify the office environment. In order to establish a good corporate visual image and corporate culture personality.