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              Advantage of fire products;

           1、Achieved “CERTIFIRE” certification from Warrington  UK. Get BS EN1634-1 test report (1h/2h for wooden                      door and steel door)

           2、'Gallford' fire product has Fire strip, fire rigid box seal/with pile and rubber flipper, fire grille, fire rated drop                    down seal, U-chennel for fire glass, fire rated viewer, fire sheet, lock kit , hing pad etc.

           3、Print Logo and batch number for customer


              Advantage of fire box seal;

          1、 'Gallford' Fire box seal has wide range specifications, box, box with pile, or box with rubber flipper,  

          2、All above box seal Co-extruded or triple extruded ensures that the core material never fall off.

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             Advantage of drop down seal;

          1、BS EN1634-1 fire test report for 1 hour/2 hour  , 100000 working times test report,   patent No.ZL2008 2 01                      51195.X

          2、Drop down seal except  for hinge wooden door , also special designed for aluminum door, steel door , sliding                  door and glass door.

          3、 Installation varies with surface mounted, concealed and semi concealed . Lengths from 200mm-2200mm                        according to required.

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