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Fire sheet

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       The fireproof sheet is made of fire-proof expansion material, which can expand up to 30 times in case of fire, and its fire-proof performance is not affected in humid environment. It is suitable for places with rough surface or irregular shape, such as inner gasket of fire door, protective gasket of fireproof lock cylinder, etc. It can also be used in electrical box, lamps, fire door hinge gasket, plastic pipe sealing and air conditioning pipe.

       The fireproof sheet can be cut into different length and width.

  Part Number    Width(mm)


  Expansion Ratio


      FS64002            640             2mm       30、15、5 100m&Customized
      FS64015            640            1.5mm       30、15、5 100m&Customized
      FS64001            640             1mm       30、15、5 100m&Customized
Cutting arbitrary shape, length and width