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Fire Rated Drop down seal(GF-B09)

Release time:2020/9/21 15:19:27Popularity:19


     This product has passed the European standard BS EN-1634 (1 hour / 2 hours)fire detection!


     Embedded door bottom automatic lifting sealer, four link mechanism, suitable for the door with slot in the door leaf. During installation, a 34mm * 14mm through groove shall be provided at the bottom of the door. The product shall be placed in it. The cover plate and sealer at both ends shall be fixed with screws (or fixed from the bottom of the sealing strip upward). The use of this product will not affect the overall style of the door.

     • Length380mm-1800mm

     • Sealing gap3mm-15mm

     • FinishAnodized silver

     • FixingWith stainless steel bracket.                                                                                                                               With pre-mounted screws under the seal,and the standard screws are equipped with                                     hanging plate

     • Plunger optionalCopper button, nylon button, universal button

     • Seal:Silicon rubber seal, gray or black colou