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Suitable For Sliding Wooden Door

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     The consealed drop down seal specially designed for sliding doors. When the door slides to close, the sealing strip automatically descends to seal the gap at the bottom of the door. The closed state is locked by a strong magnet. When the sliding door force is applied manually, the sealing strip automatically rises. There is no friction between the rubber strip and the ground.

     • Length300mm ~1500mm,

     • Sealing gap3mm~15mm

     • FinishAnodized silver

     • FixingSlot 18mm * 35mm through slot at the bottom of the sliding door, put the product into it,                           draw out the sealing strip, and fix the sealer upward from the elliptical hole of the aluminum                       alloy lifting rod with screws.

     • Plunger Nylon plunger

     • Seal:Co-extruded PVC