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European EPDM foam seal

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How to choose the sealing strip?

1. Choose material;

    EPDM rubber has excellent anti-aging properties and the service life of the product reaches more than 

    ten years. And after long-term compression, it can quickly restore its original shape and maintain an 

    effective sealing effect.

2. Choose door and window size;

    Jiafu door and window sealing strip has many different types of specifications.

    The selected sealing strip is too thick and will produce resistance when closing the door. If the sealing 

    strip is too thin, it will not be able to seal. Please refer to the product list below.

Product model and specification;



• Imported with original packaging, self-adhesive has good long-lasting viscosity and will not degummed.

• Excellent high and low temperature resistance and weather resistance, even in harsh environments, it will 

   not harden,

• No oil leakage, no adhesion to paint.

• The models and colors are the most stocked in China, which can meet the various needs of customers.

• Easy to install without slotting.

  Sealing strip installation method;

1. First, clean the surface to be pasted to make it clean, smooth, flat and dry.

2. Measure the height of the door and window, press this height, and cut off the sealing strip with scissors.

3. Peel off a small section of the backing protective paper, install the sealing strip to the correct position 

    and press it tightly, and try to align with the top edge.

4. Keep peeling off the protective paper on the back so that the sealing strip extends downwards along 

    the frame and presses it continuously. Be careful not to stretch.

5. Use the same steps to install the horizontal sealing strip, paying attention to the anastomosis at the 

    corner joints, and there should be no gaps between the connections.